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We methodically execute executive and technical search projects using our proven, Strategic Hiring System ( SHS ). The SHS process allows us to get up close and personal so we can deliver you candidates that match the needs of the job and the organization culture. The result is more talent, better performance and longer tenure. All that translates into greater profits for your organization.
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The Goal of Performance Management

The Goal of Performance Management

All too often, performance management is focused on the manager rather than the person managed. Instead of uncovering the wants and needs of the employee, frequently the employee evaluation really focuses on the manager. While managers are important and certainly employees, the one critical thing in a performance review is to send a message to the employee that the evaluation is really intended to find ways, in which, the organization can add value to the employee.

GMS Talent LP has robustly developed a system that has, as its sole purpose, the betterment and growth of the employee. Our process, The Target is a 5 step process used effectively to give managers the tools, they need to identify the strengths of a candidate, match them with the needs of the job, evaluate attributes that can be developed and show the employee the way to effective and efficient use.

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