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Tarnished Customer Service

Tarnished Customer Service

This weekend I was prompted to do something about the air conditioning in my vehicle by the outside temperature of nearly 100 degrees. I did not want to spend a lot of time, so I thought I would take a chance and see if the nearest Jiffy Lube provided AC Service. They did.

What seemingly started off great, they took my car and moved it to the back but put it in a line. They did not take my name or anything but I am happy because I am “in line.” I find a seat and a magazine thinking that things are moving in the right direction-boy was I ever wrong.

After about an hour and having finished the magazine which was dated February, 2009 incidentally, I began to think I should at least inquire. So I go up to the desk which had no one attending it but a lot of people rushing in and out. I must have been invisible because they never spoke to me. I am wondering “what do I do now?”

I take a chance and catch one of the many employees coming in and out but looking less busy than the others to ask a “where am I question and why has no one ask me to which car, I belong.” Whoa, surprise, surprise, that person, looking puzzled, hands me a clipboard with a small piece of paper on it and says, “here fill this out.”  I do that and hand it back as quickly as possible and think; well it is Saturday and they do seem busy, I guess things are moving along, until another hour passes-now 2 hours gone, but my car is still in line and moved up one slot (progress).

Finally, after another 30 minutes or so I see a mechanic doing something under the hood. I quickly go out to the work-bay to see what progress is being made and what needs to be done, only to hear the mechanic say; “you just don’t know what I am going through.” Well, it is true, that I don’t. At this point I really don’t care but do my very best to be empathetic and patient. I say; I don’t want to stress you out or anything but I have been here some time I and I was just wondering , how long will this take?

Well, I should not have ask that question, because I found that the old AC checking machine had broken down yesterday and they had to get a new one which was different and unfamiliar. There is really more to this story but I don’t want to bore you. Bottom line: This Jiffy Lube store was in total meltdown and I as well as others will likely think twice about coming back to that store. Customer Service is important everywhere!

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