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We methodically execute executive and technical search projects using our proven, Strategic Hiring System ( SHS ). The SHS process allows us to get up close and personal so we can deliver you candidates that match the needs of the job and the organization culture. The result is more talent, better performance and longer tenure. All that translates into greater profits for your organization.
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Hire A Coach? What difference can it make?

Hire A Coach? What difference can it make?

Our very own definition of Coaching is: A professional relationship between two or more people where the Coach works to help those being coached to use their own knowledge, skills and talents to do a job or jobs better than before.

coaching 1Coaching, we believe, is especially important today, because of the disproportional number of people leaving the workforce due to retirement or other issues. Those leaving the workforce have, through the years, gathered a lot of knowledge that will disappear (heaven forbid) or become distorted if not properly transferred. Coaching is an excellent means of accurately and effectively transferring that knowledge and those skills from one generation to the next.

There are, of course, both good and bad coaches and simply hiring a coach is often only the beginning and if you are not careful, could also be THE END.

But let’s not go there, let’s remain positive.

At GMS Talent, we have been hiring people for over 40 years and did not do a very good job early on but after understanding the importance of getting people off to a good beginning, we have become quite good (honestly, I have never known anyone with a goal to begin a new job and get worse). Getting people off to a good start is where it is at. Even the “not so good” can do better if shown where to go and how to go there.

We discovered that coaching is good for both small and large organizations, and small and large people (we are not speaking of physical size here). In fact, coaching and a coaching culture may be more responsible for an organization’s success than almost anything else.

If our beliefs are correct and we believe them to be, then hiring a coach and encouraging or creating a coaching culture may be one of the most beneficial efforts you can make.

Just looking at a couple of examples of what I mean:

If you are considering or involved in an Entrepreneurial effort, success should be paramount and how to avoid mistakes can often a valuable benefit of hiring a coach. How valuable could avoidance of the majority of mistakes involving money and people become?

In another setting, one of a larger organization considering how to best accomplish the goals of the organization. For this example I want to use some finding of Robert Kelley when working with Bell Laboratories. Robert spent 5 years studying superior performance within an organization known for its achievement:

First, he found that nearly 80% of the employees of this high achieving organization were mediocre and that only 10 % were considered superior performers. But what he also found was that the superior performers were 7 times more effective than the mediocre group. That meant that moving someone from mediocre to superior would be the equivalent of hiring 7 new mediocre employees.

With that in mind, the question was: How can we best move the mediocre to superior? Ans: By developing a coaching culture (Kelley did not say this-we did and do). But really it just makes good sense and grand economic sense to find a way to transfer what the High Performers had to anyone else that would want them (keep in mind that almost everyone wants to get better). A good way and maybe even the best way to help those who actually want to get better are to establish a coaching culture where the organization actually helps those who want to get better by coaching them to success. Wow!

Bottom line-Coaching and a Coaching Culture can make a big difference in personal and corporate results.

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