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We methodically execute executive and technical search projects using our proven, Strategic Hiring System ( SHS ). The SHS process allows us to get up close and personal so we can deliver you candidates that match the needs of the job and the organization culture. The result is more talent, better performance and longer tenure. All that translates into greater profits for your organization.
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I haven’t known too many that would not like to get better. In fact, almost everyone I know wants to do so. Truthfully, you could fill a book shelf with ideas about how you might go about doing just that. I am not too sure if you or I have the time to consider all the ideas, on this particular topic. So, I wanted to share with you what I learned at almost no cost.

Learn to Focus on These Three!

I was cleaning out my office, at home and ran across a set of CDs by a mentor of mine, Jim Rohn. I started to listen on my way to work. I learned:


  1. Self-Motivation or Initiative is where it all begins. One of the learning keys here is the word “Self.” It somehow implies that we can do it on our own. He tells the story about the guy that said; they would be motivated if they could just find someone to “turn them on.” Well, he says, what if they don’t show up? We have got to have a better plan to motivate ourselves than waiting for someone else. Right?

Somehow we have to find a way to motivate ourselves without sticking a cattle prod to our behinds.


I went to a movie this weekend (The Founder), cost me $8;50 and the movie was not all that good, but there was one piece, at the end, where Ray Kroc said that Persistence was essential to performance and that made it worth the money. I was inspired and reminded that, in most events there is some good.


  1. Persistence is number 2 and I was reminded of that in the movie The Founder, a movie I went to this weekend about McDonalds and Ray Kroc. Ray said the number one thing necessary to getting what you want is persistence. I believe it.


My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 40: 1. In that one verse, we see how David did something, not characteristic of him, he waited, patiently. So learning to wait is important but how we wait, is even more so. (I already had the Bible so there was not cost involved)


  1. After many years, it has become apparent to me that learning to be Patient and waiting to see if your actions produce the desired results is a piece that is often overlooked and undervalued. I have found that being patient is a quality that is absent from many.


So, Initiative, Persistence and Patience are critical behaviors that define success. If you would like to see how you could identify the presence of each of these influencers.

Act Today with Influencers in the Subject Line!

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