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By: Stephen J. Blakesley


July the 4th is a special day for most all of us. It is a time to relax and gather as families, but let us not forget the world we enjoy because of the focus and work of others before us. Let’s us not forget who we are and for what we stand. We are truly enjoying the efforts of others who somehow, someway put together a system for governing that was different and still is different, in a magnificent way. Here are just a few things that need to be celebrated this Fourth of July:

  1. Let’s remember the Declaration of Independence and the men who conceived it and wrote it, like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. David McCullough, the fabled historian, wrote in a recent book, “The American Spirit” that Jefferson suggested that Adams write the Declaration but Adams refused saying; “you can write ten times better than I can.”
  2. Let’s remember those that “bravely” signed the Declaration of Independence. There were 56 of those guys, most of whom we have never heard about. For Instance Charles Carroll, from Maryland, he died in 1832, outliving all other sighers. Or Roger Sherman, from Connecticut. Roger was one of those highly respected by the more well-known sighers. And then there is James Wilson, representing Pennsylvania, a bit of a scoundrel or possibly just down on his luck who served on the Supreme Court while in debtor’s prison.
  3. Let’s remember Congress, though appearing, currently unable to get focused. Let remember that Congress did, as McCullough said, provide the Homestead Act, ended slavery, ended child labor, built the railroads, built the Panama Canal and the Interstate Highway System. Wow what would our world look or be like without those. And elsewhere, Congress changed the world by establishing the Lend-Lease Act and the Marshall Plan. They changed our lives by creating Social Security, the G.I. Bill, the Voting Right Act and the Library of Congress.
  4. Let’s remember the Office of the President, without any doubt, the most powerful position in the current world. The office of the President of the United States, made heroes out of ordinary men like Harry Truman. It made men of unbelievable stamina out of average guys like Theodore Roosevelt. It made wise men out of small men like John Adams. I could really go on but I think you are getting the point that it is not the man the makes the position, it is the position that makes the man.
  5. Finally, let’s remember the USA. Some say we are a divided country, but I think differently. We do have different opinions and philosophies but most understand and accept that. Most of us still believe in Integrity, Trust, and God. We only want representation by elected officials to reflect that. We pay them too much, we trust them too much and we do too little to correct their inefficiencies, mainly because we are too comfy.


So what then is the “one thing” we need to do this Fourth of July? We need to remember to pray and give thanks to God for those who made the sacrifices before us. The world still looks to the USA for leadership. Let’s pray for Godly wisdom and help in delivering that. Let’s pray that God would put our feet upon a solid place, direct our steps and put a new song in our mouths. And that God Bless America!

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