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Failure to Understand the Desire for Service

Failure to Understand the Desire for Service

Poor Customer Service 2Some people just don’t get it. Some employees are so wrapped up in just showing up, being on time and collecting a paycheck, they fail to understand work is mostly about satisfying those that pay for goods and or services. A recent visit to my mortgage lender, Chase Bank, to make our last mortgage payment was intended to be a joyous event. We were going to take pictures and celebrate an event that few ever experience-Paying off the house mortgage! No more house payments-WOW!

We were pulled aside from our trek to the payment window by a rather rude (may not be s strong enough word) attendant who, deceptively asked of she could help? I said, “we are just making out last house payment and want to get some pictures.” She quickly said we could not make our last payment and get a receipt but that we had to talk to a “Banker.”

Well, I did not want to talk to the “Banker.” I figured that is they had the money and we had a receipt that was good enough. I just wanted to make our last house payment. So after a bit of a chat with the “rude” attendant, she said, “go ahead and make your payment at the window as usual. No way that is going to happen. The window-person can’t take the last payment. Guess what “you have to talk to a Banker.”

We attempted to make our last payment at the window, as we have made 179 times in the past, but could not because we had to talk to a Banker.  What, you want to make a payment and the bank will not let you? Lets be clear, I wanted only a receipt, nothing else. I was willing to trust the system to apply it and send the documents. That’s it!

Oh no, you can’t just pay off the loan, you must wait in the lobby for the “Banker” to become available and when they are, do something like say, “Ok, I have the final payment, we will apply it and mail you the deed free and clear.”

Give me a break. I am not an important person but I have many things far more important to do than hang around banks that are so understaffed that it isn’t even funny. There really is no “Banker” just someone hired to appease customers that expect to find “Bankers” in a bank.

So what is my beef? Hey I just want to make my last house payment and don’t want a lot of nonsensical activity. Just mail me the deed. You don’t even have to thank me-which nobody ever does.

Final analysis: Customers are sick of lousy, non-existent service, we are sick of routines that waste our time and provide no value. We are not going to take it anymore.

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