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Emotional Intelligence Gets You to the Top – 10 hrs

Emotional Intelligence Gets You to the Top – 10hrs

Since the late 1900s the knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EI), sometimes known as Social Competence, has been seen as a possible means of acquiring improved leadership skills. Researchers like Peter Salovey, David Caruso, Rueven Bar-On and Steven Stein have been dissecting parts and applying segments to aid in the development of leaders for many years. Dan Goleman stepped in and made the concept popular with his book Primal Leadership. In all our years of identifying, teaching, training and developing leaders, there has been no one attribute more essential to superior performance than EI. You will want to make certain your leaders and potential leaders are highly skilled in it.

This course is designed for experienced managers and leaders. It involves:


  1. What is Emotional Intelligence?
  2. What are Emotions and What Brings them On?
  3. Does Emotional Intelligence (EI) have any real value in the workplace?
  4. How does EI enhance Leadership
  5. How does EI enhance productivity
  6. How does EI mitigate turnover
  7. Good Boss / Bad Boss Exercise
  8. How to leverage EI
  9. Using the Model for implementing and growing EI
  10. Do Managers benefit from EI
  11. What are the most important EI attributes
  12. How do you learn to be more Emotional Intelligent
  13. Tools for managing EI
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Who Should Attend: Managers at all levels


What Will They Learn? What Emotional Intelligence really is, who has the most of it, what it actually does, how you can use more of it, what emotional awareness will get you, which leaders have it and which don’t, as well as how you can use it to step up to the next level


How Long Will It Take? 6 hours


Where Will the Training Be Held? Your place or ours (the call is yours)


What Does It Cost?  $2500 + $125/participant for EI assessment

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