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By: Stephen J. Blakesley


According to a study by Deloitte and published in HR Magazine, spending on leadership development in 2013 rose 14 percent over the previous year to 15.5 billion.

That is a lot of money and many would wonder if organizations are getting their money’s worth or just spending to make sure they are seen as doing something to develop leaders, in the eyes of their stakeholders.

I suggest to you that, for the most part, it is the latter. Organizations are sometimes interested in spending only to ruse the on-lookers. Most organizations do miss the mark when it comes to leadership training and subsequent development. My suggestion is; if you are going to spend the money spend it on things that benefit the individual, the organization and the customer (no order intended).

Not everyone has the skill set to lead but a quick set of competencies can identify potential leaders. What are these core competencies?



There are, of course, many other attributes that enhance the ability to lead but, it is my belief that these are essential. If the individual does not have these skills, the organization may be spending money in the wrong places. Let’s take a look at each of these five core attributes and decide for ourselves.

INTEGRITYDoing what you say you will do – What can I say, this attribute is likely the most important and possibly the easiest to ascertain. If the individual has the reputation of “walking the talk”, they should be considered for leadership training, then development.

ADVANCED THINKINGHaving the reputation of thinking ahead – This attribute may the most difficult to detect. It requires seeing the big picture in a futuristically accurate way. It involves being able to see the future, not in a spooky séancey way, but in a realistically accurate manner.

COMMUNICATIONCommunicating in a way that gets the attention of others – You can have integrity and be a visionary, but if you cannot communicate your thoughts and visions very little is gained.

COURAGEThe desire and ability to act when the belief is strong – Many a leader has been felled because they could not “pull the trigger.” Having the ability to see clearly and stand for what you believe is critical to leadership.

PERSISTENCEA commitment to keep on keeping on – Many will quit before this one. The person who is persistent is one who is not a “white flag specialist.” They are committed to the pursuit of those worth goals. Winston Churchill once said: “Never Give Up,” that is how you see them, walking through the difficult spots, not stopping and camping out there. They are like the “EverReady Bunny, the just keep on going.

There are just 5 of these “core leadership attributes” and admittedly there are many others that would add to the performance levels of those in leadership roles. However, it is our belief that if a candidate has not exhibited special skills in most of these 5 core attributes, they should be groomed as superior followers and observed for development

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