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We methodically execute executive and technical search projects using our proven, Strategic Hiring System ( SHS ). The SHS process allows us to get up close and personal so we can deliver you candidates that match the needs of the job and the organization culture. The result is more talent, better performance and longer tenure. All that translates into greater profits for your organization.
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Discovering What You Don’t Know

Discovering What You Don’t Know

Strategic Hiring by Stephen J. Blakesley

Knowing what you don’t know may be the most valuable information you can get. Knowing what you don’t know is especially valuable when organizations hire for key positions. Every organization wants to hire the best. We believe a structured process lends itself well to achieving that goal. The Strategic Hiring System was developed to help us and our clients find candidates that have the background (hard skills) and the personality and presence (soft skills) to perform at a very high level in the job. Many times you cannot determine what skills, experiences and talents a candidate may possess by simply looking at a resume (which we believe are often mostly lies) and casually conducting a “mini-me” interview. To discover what you don’t know something more robust, but still simple is often necessary.

The Strategic Hiring System is a structured process with 3 very important parts-The Benchmark, The Assessment, and The Interview.  Looking briefly, at each one:

The Benchmark contains both a one-page Performance Based Job Description and an Ideal Candidate Profile that includes the important soft skills a candidate needs to have to obtain maximum results.

The Assessment  helps us to identify and match the soft skills (behavior, values/motivators and job talents) with those needed by the job and identified by those who within the organization that participated in the process of benchmarking the job.

The Interview is likely the most neglected and misused part of the process. Most interviewees know more about the interview process than those doing the interviewing (hard to believe, but a fact). We believe that the scripted, behavioral style interview is the best interview method if you want accuracy and depth (who doesn’t). We encourage clients to approve questions prior to the interview and ask the same questions to all candidates applying for the same job.

In the final analysis, following The Strategic Hiring System will deliver better candidates that perform at a much higher level.


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