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Service is Slipping Away-Act Now to Save It

Service is Slipping Away-Act Now to Save It

It does seem that Customer Service shrinks as Technology increases. It is going away! Jeff Kegan wrote an article recently: poor Customer Service  Dark Days Ahead for Companies That Fail Customers . While the article was good I don’t think he went far enough. Yes I do believe that Dark Days are ahead for companies that fail customers and I want to lay the ax at the root of the problem-the belief that some service is better than NO Service.

A good example of “some service” is the current robot approach to service. Once you get IN you can’t get OUT,  you simply have to hang up. Honestly, I just want to talk someone, not a robot. This is what I mean. Recently I had a discussion with a very nice and sincere young lady, with a highly respected Internet Networking group about a specific service need. Nearly 24 hours after I encountered a threatening glitch in their system I received a call from a real person. I won’t go into what the glitch was but I was certain that it could not be solved through the CHAT ROOM or Email. After searching for several minutes, on their site for some number I could call to talk to a real person about my problem. I was even willing to hold for 30 minutes to talk to that real person, if only I could find a number. I just wanted to talk with a REAL PERSON-

Have you ever wanted to do that? Well, I need not tell you of my findings, there was no such number. You either CHATTED or Emailed or you were out of luck.

I suppose that there are a certain number of people who are willing to connect in that distant manner, but not me. Anyway, after talking with this person mentioned earlier I found that, Yes, I could Chat or Email about my problem but could not talk to someone about my problem unless I was willing to wait 24 hours or so. Well, certainly I could not wait, so my problem went unsolved for over 24 hours.

How sad, because it was solved quickly and I was certainly appreciative but I must say that I hung up with a sense of knowing that this company was like most of the rest-Just interested in getting your name and card number and hoping to hang on long enough to cash in the stock.

For the most part I attribute this attitude of “getting it while you can” to a younger generation who may never know what REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE is like because all they have known is the CHAT ROOM.

The bottom line is: People want to talk to REAL people when they have a service problem. Call us today to talk to a real person!

Stephen J. Blakesley




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