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All Greatness is not Somewhere Else

All Greatness is not Somewhere Else

By: Stephen J. Blakesley

It is true that we often see greatness somewhere else, we see it in others before we see it in ourselves. Greatness may not be easy to spot but almost always we see it somewhere else before we recognize it within. Yes, it is true we often overlook the things we are good at to pursue a different course, a sometime more difficult course. We frequently work at being good at things, in which, we are insufficient, before we become best at those things we are naturally good at. Don’t ask me why, it is just one of those things.

To find the greatness that resides within, start here:

First, be aware that all of life is a race and you are in it. While it would be good to win, there are times when that won’t happen. Even when you do not win it is important to use those talents and skills, we possess, in the most efficient and effective way. Always run the race to win an strive to BE THE BEST YOU CAN.

Second, know what you are good at. Know your talents and natural abilities. Most of us do not. Find out what you are good at and do a lot of that. Learn to leverage those abilities, in which, you excel. Be certain to use those abilities, at which you are good, a lot. FIND THOSE THINGS AT WHICH YOU ARE GOOD AND DO A LOT OF THOSE.

Third, create an environment that encourages you to use those abilities at which you are good and to improve and be more effective in them. If we did nothing else other than use our natural abilities to their fullest we would stand out and excel. Creating an environment of excellence often take more that one. Knowledge and skills will often open the door, for you, but it is your ability to connect with others that will take you to the top. Your ability to relate and share ideas and your vision with others requires Emotional Intelligence (EI). Creating an environment where you can be the best you can often requires others. GROW YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.


To expose your greatness within, make certain you know, without a doubt;

  • That you are in a race
  • That you are to run the race to win
  • What you are good at
  • That you are emotionally aware

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