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Don’t Misfire When You Hire By Stephen Blakesley, MSM, MSFS, PBA, EIA

Decision making is one of a manager’s most important responsibilities. Determining what action to take, what product lines to emphasize and equipment to align are all significant choices for business owners, and managers. Business owners and managers live out their brand through their words and behaviors with teams, groups, and customers. But an even more significant factor is the “people” an organization brings on board.

How can a manager charged with hiring responsibilities minimize hiring mistakes? A 2012 Harris Interactive survey found that 69% of employees reported making bad hiring decisions. Clearly, there is room for improvement in the hiring process. Following are four common actions that contribute to hiring misfires, and some tips for steering clear of the problems these processes can cause. Click Here to Read More


Why Job Benchmarking Is Important
Hiring the Right Person the First Time

Although benchmarking a job is little known, and therefore little used, it is the center and most critical piece of the hiring process. Benchmarking is a successful means of bringing clarity to the needs of a job and alerting the user to specific qualities necessary for peak performance. It works like the “keystone” which is a builder’s term referring to a wedge-shaped stone found at the crown of an arch that holds all the pieces together. It has long been known that employee perform ance is tied to job-fit. Finding candidates that best fit the job is the answer to longevity and performance. An added value to job-fit is “hiring the right person the first time.”

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