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Maximized Performance? Things you can do to get it and more.
By Stephen J. Blakesley, MSM, MSFS, CBA, CEIA

I am often asked; how do I get the most value from the people I hire? Great question!

Here are six things you can do that will have a positive impact on the performance and tenure of a new hire, at any level.

1. Tell ‘em what you expect
So many companies rely on HR departments to craft those “handy-dandy,” three page job descriptions – BIG mistake. Those job descriptions almost always never get read. I even had a client send me a sixpage job description for a job that paid only $15/hr. What do you think the chances are of that ever being read?

Solution::: Make your job descriptions a ONE page only document containing no more than 20 necessary tasks. Then, keep it, treasure it — Review it with employee to refresh their understanding of the job. Use it as a coaching tool.

2. Share the Yardstick
Have you ever known anyone who began a new job with a goal to Fail? I haven’t. Everyone I have known wants to succeed when they begin a new job. Most everyone needs help, though. A new job is “kinda” like a new beginning. It is a fresh start. People are excited and want to know “how to do good.

Solution::: Share with them how their performance will be judged, they won’t hit you, they will hug you. They really, want to know. Create bookends, Tell them , “If you don’t do these things you will lose your job. When you do do these things, you will be rewarded.” Most will fall somewhere in between of Do-Do or Don’t Do, but some will see the objective and embrace and pursue it. In other words, explain their performance goals. Everyone wants to know what is expected of
them. Oh, don’t forget to ask if they see anything in the job description they don’t think they can do? This is a great “coaching” opportunity, don’t miss it.

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